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Our digital team is led by CIO Rick Weible.  Rick is a security expert in networks, data, and cyber security with over 26 years of experience in the public, private, and political sectors   He oversees every custom solution to give you the peace of mind to focus on your priorities, products, and people, securely.

CEO and managing partner Chris Sankey was previously President and co-owner of Microm, Inc from 1998-2018,  Microm is a software and confidential financial data management provider who has served over 400 credit unions in  fulfillment, distribution, and archiving of highly sensitive financial statements and data, 

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D3Defense delivers customized security solutions to keep your organization's Digital, Physical and Cultural assets safe and secure.

We exist to protect you and what is yours.

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Cyber-attacks on our biggest businesses, recent law enforcement cuts, and a general state of uncertainty have us all at increased risk.  

Staying safe and securing your assets starts with taking proactive measures to identify and remedy vulnerabilities in your existing security system, digital networks, and culture.  Doing so now will not only protect your people, it can limit loss and cost should your organization be attacked. 

D3Defense stands ready and prepared to be a part of your proactive measures.

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